About Us | Internet Marketing

Our Founding

Alcantara Media was founded with the intention of helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve an online presence for their company through Internet Marketing technologies. At Alcantara Media, we recognize the major impact a successful internet marketing campaign can have for your company, and we seek to maximize this potential. Utilizing our team of creative, exuberant experts we are able to offer unique options to aid your company in expanding its client base.

The Team

We have a team that is dedicated to your needs at all times. Since we operate with a open-work environment philosophy, each one of our employees in some capacity is involved with each of our clients and projects.

Internet Marketing With Us

A major foundation of Alcantara Media is the concept of one stop shopping for your online management, design and marketing needs. We achieve excellent results with our expertise in the large spectrum of internet marketing technologies. We specialize in creating an integrated marketing campaign using Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Marketing,  Viral Video Marketing, Web Development, eCommerce, and Applications.

Markets and Industry

Due to the nature of Internet Marketing we do not have a specific market where we do business, our clients benefit from our services because our techniques can be applied to any industry. While we do internal research to improve our results, internet marketing is needed no matter what industry you are in.

Dominate The Internet

Using these tools and the strong community based relationships we cultivate and sustain, we help our clients dominate the internet and spread their brand. We are thrilled to work as a part of your team, and continue to focus our attention on strategies to help you generate sales and increase your profits. Take a look at some of our case studies that describe how we put smart effective techniques to use.