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  • Developing an Effective Content Calendar Strategy

    In our 30 Days of Internet Marketing Fundamentals, we’re talking about different marketing tips and strategies. Our original plan on June 1st was to write 30 days of content. It’s now day 28 and we have been lacking! So, this post lets our readers know what should be done when planning out a content calendar strategy. What is [...]

  • Gaining New Followers on Twitter

    In Day 5 of our 30 Days of Internet Marketing Fundamentals, today’s social media tip of the day is focused on getting more followers on Twitter. Your goals should be providing quality content and engaging with your fan base. It is essential to smartly add more quality followers in order to grow your reach to potential customers, [...]

  • 30 Days of Fundamentals

    Internet Marketing Fundamentals In our industry it is becoming more and more difficult to determine noise from actual strategy. Many so called experts and gurus perpetuate a sense of higher understanding of what is Internet Marketing. The truth is… we all have different approaches, and the only thing that should matter is how it affects [...]

  • What is Social Media and how does it affect your business?

    Social Media is commonly described as a network of individuals who share content with each other.  Each of these individuals share information with others at that information may be shared by others who were not the source. This could affect your business in many ways. From a negative perspective, you could lose sale because a [...]