Gaining New Followers on Twitter

Day 5 of #30DaysInternetMarketing

In Day 5 of our 30 Days of Internet Marketing Fundamentals, today’s social media tip of the day is focused on getting more followers on Twitter. Your goals should be providing quality content and engaging with your fan base. It is essential to smartly add more quality followers in order to grow your reach to potential customers, supporters, and word of mouth marketing.

Strategy First, Execution Second

Typically, we notice the cycle of new Twitter accounts ramping up within the first 2-3 months. Having a strategy in place instead of blindly tweeting just to tweet will go a long way. Twitter has a lot of nice new features for branding, including the background image, logo space, and a banner image to further show the essence of your product or brand.

Example of a branded Twitter Profile from Alcantara Media

Example of a branded Twitter Profile from Alcantara Media

Here are some tips on growing your Twitter presence:

  1. Use Twitter suggestions. On your homepage, Twitter generates a list of profiles to follow. Their list is on target, showcasing people that are within your network and usually have the same interests as you. Do yourself a favor and use this nifty service, as you’ll see those followers will reciprocate the action and follow you back.
  2. Re-tweet quality content and blogs that appears on your timeline. Sharing is caring, right? If you’re pushing out quality news and content, people will want to follow you and hear what you are saying.
  3. DO NOT purchase those promises of getting 10,000 twitter followers in 1 or 2 weeks. That makes us cringe just as much as the fly-by-night SEO companies that promise 1st page of Google overnight. Chances are, most of those Twitter followers are spam and it is money wasted.
  4. Use Listorious which recently changed to MuckRack. Before Twitter suggestions, there were Twitter lists built on sites like Listorious. You’ll find quality lists to follow by topic and by building your Twitter following, you’ll increase your chances to be followed.
  5. If you have a blog, link it to your Twitter account. Anytime you post on your blog, it will send out a tweet with your blog link. This shows you’re active in your industry and are providing content that people want to see. You’ll not only get new blog readers, but increase the potential of starting new conversations surrounding your blog’s content. Use applications like Networked Blogs and Twitterfeed to push your content to not only your Twitter account, but also Facebook.
  6. Join Twitter Chats. There are weekly chats where a group of Twitter users gather for one hour discussing a certain topic. This is how it works: there is a moderator pushing out questions and respondents use the Twitter Chat hashtag (for example #smchat) and discuss the given topic. Becoming more active in the Twitter community aids in gaining new followers. For more information on #SMChat, visit

Whew! Now What?

As you can see, preparing yourself before diving into any social network is key to seeing long term traffic towards your website. Typically, businesses see an increase of brand mentions online, and effectively integrating into an overall marketing strategy.

Our next post will talk about how to create a content calendar on your blog. An effective routine for content creation is achievable. Stay tuned tomorrow!

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