Pay-Per-Click Banner


Successful Pay-Per-Click advertising transcends the traditional bid management and extensive keyword portfolio strategies. We understand how consumers search online, their buying behavior, and critical factors influencing purchase decisions.


Thanks to the transparency of the internet, we can use advanced tracking technology to aid the management of campaigns so that our clients are highly profitable. With proper ad and budget allocations we not only help you increases sales but lower your cost-per-acquisition (CPA) or cost-per-lead (CPL).


We are committed to helping you realize the full potential of your online advertising. At Alcantara media, we know that a successful marketing campaign will result in a feeling of power, control and excitement over your search engine marketing ROI results.

Reporting and Analysis

We analyze detailed search query and traffic generating key phrase reports on a daily basis. With this information we make sure that non-relevant search queries (key phrases) are introduced as negative matches. We take steps to increase traffic from relevant websites and block non-relevant ones. Our bid management is done at Keyword and Placement level to maintain optimal position so that the metrics of CTR, Avg. cost per click and cost per conversion remain in check. Finally, Ad Copy Management and Split Testing of Ad Copies are set up so that there are at least two active Ad copies. Performance of the each Ad copy is evaluated and the better performing Ad Copy is continued, while the other Ad Copy is paused.

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