All Internet Marketing Services

Branding your business on the internet is not an easy task. That is why you need the guidance from specialists to develop a strategy that works for your company. Because internet marketing is so competitive and the technology ever changing, our team of specialists is available to help you keep up with the newest and most successful internet marketing tools. At Alcantara Media we utilize all avenues for internet marketing to develop an integrated marketing campaign that will drive traffic to your website and elevate your brand.

Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Increasing the organic ranking of your website has become increasingly more important. Keywords have become a major part of internet marketing as search engines index websites based upon algorithms that read them. Here at Alcantara Media, we create a strategy that helps put you right at the top of the listings. Our SEO Services help you increase the organic ranking of your website, which ultimately provides you with a much larger client pool.


Pay Per Click


The key to a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign is infallible keyword research. Our team of specialists do immense research and analysis of target keywords and trends. This means that the capital you put towards Pay-Per-Click campaigns will be spent more efficiently, while still maintaining an adequate conversion ratio.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The creation of the internet has made the world a smaller place. Networks such as Facebook and Twitter have created the means for people to keep in contact, whether they are local or long distance. Because of the sheer volume of members on these sites, they are an optimal place to market your brand. Our goal is to utilize these networks to create direct exposure for your company.


Viral Video Marketing

Viral Video Marketing

We help you produce quality videos used to promote your brand, product, and idea. Unlike some companies that only help you film and edit your videos, we also help you develop a captivating marketing strategy that will ensure that it reaches the maximum potential customer base.

Web Development and Design


Web Design

Web Development

We design high quality websites that fit any business model. Whether it is a fun creative portfolio or a corporate headquarter website, we have you covered. Our teams of specialists go through several hundred concepts before you even see a single design. We develop on the world’s most renown content management systems, such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.


eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Solutions

Selling your merchandise online allows you reach many more customers, and it also lets you do inventory management without the hassle! While we can help you utilize hosted solutions, we prefer to install a shopping cart system for our clients that give them control of their business. Our teams of specialists work with the top shopping cart programs on the market including Magento, OpenCart, and osCommerce. These systems come integrated with report based analysis that help you understand your customers even further. We give you the power to decide what you want to sell, and how you want to sell it.


Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Development

In today’s society it pays to be ahead of the curve. The internet has become streamlined, and owning a business necessitates having a website. With the expansion of the internet and the wave of technologically advanced customers, websites have to be even more novel to be affective. This is why at Alcantara Media is on top of developing innovative applications for iPhone and Android devices. These apps help you promote your business and assist your clients.

Other Services

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

We enable you to provide a fast, secure and reliable solution for your business processing needs. Our platform is a complete solution for credit card and ACH merchants. Our services will ensure your payment processing is built to suite your needs.


Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Your image is part of your marketing campaign, and a strong image that your target market can identify with. The unique logos and designs we develop are essential to the success of your growing business. We look forward to creating designs that represents the character and value of your business.


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

By design, cloud computing is scalable and elastic, offering IT departments a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on demand, without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. Leverage the cloud computing model to expand on-premise infrastructure and add capacity on demand. We help you use cloud computing to fully outsource your infrastructure and lower your cost of doing business.