What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization in a nutshell

Over 200 factors are used to determine Google’s search engine rankings.  While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a detail oriented procedure, unique to each website, the approach below represents a set of core principles.  They are the building blocks of any SEO strategy.

Research & Strategy Development
» Identify opportunities for traffic growth
» Competition Analysis
» On-site SEO strengths & weaknesses
» Link-Building quantity & quality

Optimization (SEO)
» On-page Optimization
» Off-site Optimization 

Performance Metrics
» Rankings & Traffic
» Total Conversions
» Individual Keyword Conversions
» Cost per Conversion

Research & Strategy

The initial step is to completely comprehend your goals for your business, target market, competition and current internet presence.

Optimization (SEO)

SEO is generally split  into two set of tasks – On-site optimization and Off-site optimization. A well-rounded SEO strategy uses on/off-site techniques together to maximize effectiveness.

On-site Optimization is the editing of code on the website to improve how search engines see/read it and how it converts. (website structure, hyperlink optimization, meta-tags, site maps, conversion optimization, navigation & usability improvements)

Off-site Optimization is the creation and placement of links from other websites on the internet to your own. (business & industry directories, article & PR databases, other business websites, social media sites, blogs, community sites & video websites)

Performance Metrics

It is very important that you receive detailed reports monitoring the progress of your SEO campaign. It includes search engine rankings, website traffic, conversions so improvements can be implemented effectively.

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