What is Social Media and how does it affect your business?

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Social Media is commonly described as a network of individuals who share content with each other.  Each of these individuals share information with others at that information may be shared by others who were not the source. This could affect your business in many ways. From a negative perspective, you could lose sale because a comment or even video had negative remarks and it was shared by many people. On the upside, a positive comment or video helps promote your brand and brings you positive awareness. I want to talk about what is social media, some of the most popular social media sites and how they affect your business, but more importantly how you can utilize them correctly.


Social Media – What it really is

A more elaborate representation could be “A group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of the web, and it allows the creation and exchange of User-Generated Content”. So users create content and other users can discuss it or even share it to others. This is the basis of Social Media, however just because you create content doesn’t mean that it’s going to be shared.

Social Media is nothing but a giant huge party with conversations and dialog that never end. The reason why Social Media has had so much success in recent years it’s because it helps bring people together. Making a phone call or even writing a text message to each of your contacts just takes too long, compared to posting a status and having everyone see the message you wanted to get across.

Social Media for your business is not about making selling the audience something, it is about building a community of like-minded individuals and tapping into them to help promote your brand because they want to.

Social Media Marketing


Top Social Media Websites

Facebook – 750,000,000 estimated amount of Unique Visitors a Month

Twitter – 250,000,000 estimated amount of Unique Visitors a Month

LinkedIn – 110,000,000 estimated amount of Unique Visitors a Month

MySpace – 70,500,000 estimated amount of Unique Visitors a Month

Google+ – 65,000,000 estimated amount of Unique Visitors a Month


How does Social Media affect your business?


The Good

Social Media can be insanely powerful to promote any business. The reason why is because people are the ones who ultimately make the decision on purchasing any service or product. The key to marketing a product or service is to create a need. This is why many marketing companies do research on Human psychology to find out how they can excite emotion in us, because a lot of the decisions we make in life are emotionally motivated. Social Media comes in to this because there is nothing more emotion provoking than other people. Tapping into the eco-system of a Social Media allows you to reach other people that you normally could not reach through an ad.

The Bad
Social Media also has its negative effects. The spread of a negative experience with your company through the eco-system of a Social Media could be disastrous to your brand. Reason for this is that social media is not just online, a lot of what gets shared leaks into the real world. So if people are talking bad about your company be sure that they will be mentioned during a lunch break or at the dinner table. While you can’t control the creation of negative information of your company, being in the mist of Social Media only assists you in putting out those fires, and may give you credibility for customer service.

The Ugly

No matter what business you are in, you cannot afford to not be involved in Social Media. With that said, nobody becomes friends with a company. You need to be a human to reach other humans. Remember the party analogy above? Be the life of the party and that means listen to what their needs are, find out what they like and dislike. Nobody likes the douche that only wants to talk about him.

I want to hear from you guys, how has Social Media impacted your business?