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Jim Fried has been a businessman in the South Florida community for 25 years. He grew up in South Florida and has watched the community grow and change. When the great recession hit Jim decided that he wanted to share some of his experiences with the people that he knew. He wanted to make sure there was a source of positive news about and for the small business community, because the news media usually focuses on the downside – with an extra helping of sensationalism. Jim makes sure his Radio Show is focused on FACTS and is Upbeat! – Highlighting the positive aspects of business.

Challenges suffered from a lack of engagement when visitors came to the website. They experienced high bounce rates due to poor navigation, incorrect use of web real estate, and engagement as users scrolled to the bottom of the site. Also, the website didn’t really showcase social media interaction, and how their network really was.


We developed an easy to use website that allowed visitors to understand what Fried On Business is. We implemented double navigations that allowed the users to find topics and navigate the website much easier. By utilizing sidebars and footers we minimized empty white spaces and replaced it with relatable and engaging content. We also brought social media to the top and since, Fried On Business’s social reach has shot through the rooft. The website was developed on the WordPress platform which gave Fried On Business the ability to update their content in plain english whenever they wanted, freeing them from the shackles of development.

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