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Smile Guide Touch

Smile Guide Touch is an iPad application by Dr. David Traub, DDS. The Smile Guide Touch is a simple and easy to use animated smile guide.  Patients easily embrace the smile guide concept with this interactive visual tool.   The mobile tablet based interface enhances the ability to elicit the patient’s true vision and the dentists ability to reproduce that vision in the desired restorative process.


When Smile Guide Touch came to us, their website lacked a sense of designed that matched well with the market in which they were selling in, the iOS Application Market. Their previous website did not highlight that they were a development company that understands usability and design. Sales were low and the bounce rate on the website was really high. To add, they were not being found on the internet via search engines.


We developed an easy to use website that allowed visitors to understand the application and most importantly purchase it with ease. The website was developed on the WordPress platform which gave Smile Guide Touch the ability to update their content in plain english whenever they wanted, freeing them from the shackles of development.

On the search side, we developed a Search Engine Optimization campaign that increased traffic and sales. See below for the latest rankings for Smile Guide Touch.

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